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Digital transformation and real-time response

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Foreign Trade Services with +25 years' experience

We are a team of highly-qualified professionals offering assistance to both private and state-owned companies in the fields of Import and Export customs operations, banking operations, domestic and international transportation, transportation insurance and international trade.

Our business model is based on solid pillars of:

Professionals focused on maintaining and growing the relevance of a centennial profession and operation.

Transparent processes linked to good business practices.

High commitment to quality and client needs.


  • To serve as vehicle for the development of foreign trade.
  • To be distinguished by our human values and professional excellence.
  • To ensure clients value the experience of doing business with us.


  • To promote transparency in all our processes.
  • To prioritize constant professional training.
  • To achieve a dynamic addressing of our clients’ rising demands.
  • To strengthen bonds and foster long-term relationships.

Customs brokers 4.0

Digital transformation and real-time response

In 2020, in order to be consistent with our principles, we launched our own innovation plans towards the digital transformation of the entire company. We do not perceive it as a technological change but essentially as a change of thought and strategy.

The integration of digital technology into all areas of our business puts us in a privileged position to offer comparative advantages over competitors.

We have self-imposed standards of versatility to respond in line with what the IV Industrial Revolution represents: without limits of space (anywhere), time (any time) or tools (whatever it takes).

Our services


Without limits of space, time or tools, our services are distinguished by:

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Efficient processes for making better decisions

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Useful and positive client experience when doing business with us.

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Dynamic processes to address our clients’ raising demands.

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Responsible and confidential handling of the information exchanged.

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Efficient use of the data received.

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The improvement of data management by offering statistics, metrics, reports and KPIs.

Along the country


We have our own offices in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, Villa Mercedes (San Luis), and Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego).

We are Customs Brokers authorized to do business directly in the following locations:

  • Buenos Aires
  • Ezeiza
  • La Plata
  • Campana
  • Ushuaia
  • Rio Grande
  • Gualeguaychú
  • Mendoza
  • Córdoba
  • San Luis
  • Villa Mercedes
  • Neuquén
  • Paso de los Libres
  • Tucumán
  • Iguazú
Correspondents in the main Customs’ offices in the country.
Puerto Iguazú San Martín de Tucumán Paso de los libres Córdoba San Luís Villa Mercedes Gualeguaychú Campana Ezeiza La plata Buenos Aires Neuquén Rio Grande Ushuaia Mendoza
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Our management processes are certified by the principles of ISO 9001 International Quality Standards.

What we do

Our services

Customs brokers

Our company has professionals authorized by Federal Administration of Public Revenue of Argentina (AFIP, for its acronym in Spanish) and National Customs Administration (DGA, for its acronym in Spanish) to do business in the different Customs of the country.

Customs transport agents

We offer you our ability to perform all operations inherent to the role of a Customs Transport Agent.

Customs legal advice

Our services are supported by the legal advice of some of the most prestigious professionals specialized in Customs Law.

We deliver a daily report and a monthly summary of the most important regulations that govern the activities within our field. Separate reports are prepared for each sector in particular, assessing the impact of government measures on each of them. We offer advice on customs violations, sanctions, smuggling, resources and regarding disputes related to tariff classification.

Tariff classification of goods

Once our initial queries are answered, we implement a new method for the classification of goods by which you will receive a comprehensive response within 48 hours together with supporting documentation of our work. Some cases are more complex than others. Therefore, our analysis is supported by the Directorate for the Tariff Nomenclature and Classification Department of the National Customs Administration.

Management of customs affairs before other (public) bodies

Based on the type of goods, we process and obtain certificates as may be required by Customs authorities, for example, competent certifying bodies for the origin of goods, Directorate for Commercial Loyalty, INTI [National Institute of Industrial Technology], INAL [National Food Institute], ANMAT [National Administration of Drugs, Foods and Medical Technology] (15 points Form for Import Authorization), SENASA [National Food Safety and Quality Service], SEDRONAR [Secretariat of Planning for Drug Addiction Prevention and the Fight against Drug Trafficking]. Download tracking of certificates. Temporary Import Certificate.

Cargo transportation

We have a wide availability of vehicles for the transportation of all types of goods and volumes. Vehicles with satellite tracking devices will ensure your compliance with the most stringent safety requirements set by insurance companies. Special, oversized, dangerous and refrigerated cargoes. IMO labelling, UN classification and provision of MSDS.

Export Documents

As regards export proceedings, we have considerable experience in the drafting and submission of commercial documents related to International Payment Instruments. Analysis, interpretation and negotiation of Letters of Credit and Documentary collections. Publication No. 600 on Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits (UCP) and UCP 522 of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

Special projects

We import goods as part of large investment projects. New and used production lines. Assessment of customs-related matters for the projects: Project framing. Benefits derived from the regime. Legal and technical requirements. Processing deadlines and deadlines for approval.

Professional training

Led by specialized professionals, currently in charge of delivering classes at some of the most prestigious universities, we offer in-house training on various Foreign Trade and Customs operations-related issues. We frequently receive training requests on special regimes, tariff classification, customs operations, valuation of goods, and other areas of interest that may require a more thorough development.


Fields of specialization

  • Agro-industry
  • Foods
  • Fishing
  • Tannery
  • Electricity
  • Home appliances
  • Electronics
  • Medicinal products
  • Medical Technology
  • Chemicals
  • Cosmetics
  • Clothing
  • Footwear
  • Textile
  • Leather Goods
  • Information Technology
  • Telecommunications
  • Mining
  • Machinery
  • Investment projects
  • Turnkey facilities
  • Used production lines
Jose Jofré - Despachante, fundador y CEO
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We are certain that by doing business together we can improve and add value to your Foreign Trade operations.

Custom Broker José Jofré
Founder and CEO

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